The suggestive world of Nicole Schaap (The stimulating universe of Nicole Schaap)

Is it a subtle game of colours or a cursory landscape? Behold, a few questions that rise in the confrontation with these areas, inspired by the informal. A misunderstanding, it definitely concerns a location deformed by creation but which is always recognisable. 

The light of life

It is a mist that engulfs the buildings and the quays of the harbours of Rotterdam and Amsterdam or of some other city.
It is the mirror of the world, it is the climate of the North, when the unnoticed silhouettes hasten away. It is the light of life; it is the reflection of the water. The freshness of the colours rivals in elegance with the subtle forms that melt and intertwine with each other without ever going out.
They are cities and areas recalled by the suggestive imagery of this artist. 
Born into a family of goldsmiths, Nicole Schaap studied at the renowned High Council for Diamonds in Antwerp, before starting her own atelier in Breda, the Netherlands.
She specialises in working with cultivated and sweet water pearls. 
She gives her creative talent free rein before orienting herself on her painting, which is heavily inspired by Karel Appel.
Her style exercises rely on the stratification of the material to obtain a certain poetic refinement: the power of the expressionist charge. The paintings that she makes bear a double signature: each painting contains a small piece of silver with her marker’s mark NS with a sheep , wich also makes her work so special.